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Verafin Team PictureVerafin is a leader across North America for their fraud detection & BSA technology. You’ll find their software in over 1300 banks and credit unions across North America. Verafin solutions help detect and prevent serious crimes like human trafficking, elder abuse and identity theft. With the latest FRAMLx platform, Verafin are bringing their community banking customers together – allowing them to collaborate under section 314(b) of the USA Patriot Act.  Verafin are headquartered in St. Johns’, Newfoundland (see for more info) and are backed by Spectrum Equity.

Working with Gungho
After using several outsourced telemarketing agencies (with inadequate results) Verafin turned to Gungho in a bid to prove cold calling can create terrific results. In 2015, the Gungho calling team created over 700+ appointments with BSA Officers across North American community banks.

The Outcome
Verafin scooped up all 700 appointments and successfully boosted an already lucrative revenue pipeline for 2016. In addition, Gungho initiated a hot list of over 800+ prospects, to carefully nurture & maintain until the prospects are ready for a Verafin appointment.

What was said?

‘Gungho = awesome.’ Jason Oakley, Marketing Lead, Verafin

‘The partnership with Gungho runs to target without a hitch. Their team play a key part in creating Sales Qualified Leads. Verafin can lean on this external resource to create opportunity.’ Kevin Baker, VP Marketing, Verafin

My folks have come to look forward to Gungho’s appointments. Gungho have a knack in securing genuine interest amongst the banking community and feed my team great results.’ Kelly Hemeon, Nurture Team Lead, Verafin