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40 hours in 4 days

We’re programmed to believe that working longer and harder is the route to advancement & success.  Compacting your working week into less days could be equally effective. Gungho are convinced that working fewer days creates a winning work model. The entire Gungho team work a short week, condensing their 40 hours into 4 days.

‘We implemented this on a trial basis 3 years ago. Working 40 hours in 4 days allows our teams to successfully call into multiple time zones, skilfully securing appointments for our clients. Our 4 day work week has increased productivity and is a considerable advantage when recruiting & retaining our talented staff. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that gives you a long weekend, every weekend?’ reports Lucy Erskine, MD of Gungho Marketing.

Gungho is a target & results driven business – their teams make 100+ new business appointments each week for a handful of global clients. The pressure of reaching target in 4 days rather than 5 has definitely polarized the mind-set at Gungho.

With less time to work, there is less time to waste!

Posted on: October 13th, 2015 by Web Admin