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Chinese Proverb ‘’Gungho’’

Gungho is an adaptation of the Chinese verb kung – work, and ho – together. It became widely known in the English language in World War II; first as a slogan, adopted by the US Marines under General Evans Carlson. Carlson inspired his Marines to use the motto “Gungho”. The Chinese work together motto caught on and became the spirit & watchword of the US Marines.

It’s no co-incidence that the term “Gungho” describes exactly how the team at Gungho Marketing conducts its daily operations. Dedicated Business Discovery teams are rooted to the client base and are a fundamental part of each campaigns progress & success.

Gungho’s daily routine of supporting clients with cold calling creates an efficiency that drives significant results. By the end of 2015, Gungho are on track to deliver 3200 + appointments for their global clients. Being in-sync with client feedback, Gungho have invested in a post-appointment ratings table.   Clients rely on these ratings to track campaign effectiveness and ROI. As it stands year to date, 60.7% of Gungho appointments produce an opportunity.

Underlying all of the “Gungho / work together’” attitude is transparency. Gungho invite their clients to share regular insight into the operational work flow & productivity of the cold calling campaign. Access to vital campaign statistics around which prospects have been called & what responses have been received is routine. Call recordings can be sent daily, allowing clients to carefully monitor the quality of the calls. The term “Gungho” has obviously caught on……

Photo Copyright Wikipedia – BGen Evans F. Carlson, USMC, Carlson’s Raiders; photo from official Marine Corps biography at

Posted on: November 24th, 2015 by Web Admin