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Cold calling in the holidays – should you, shouldn’t you?

Cold calling in the holidays, you might be asking….what would be the point & why bother?  Many of Gungho’s customers ask this same question.  Our answer is always a resounding yes!

The Gungho team are big fans of cold calling when its holiday season.  It might seem rather strange, but with the right call volumes & attitude you can actually create some pretty good results.


Ahead of any holiday calling, you’ll need to prepare for large numbers of unanswered calls.  There is no getting away with it, masses of your prospects will be out of the office and the voicemail will be firmly switched on.  But on the flip side, there will be a whole heap of prospects who decided to stay behind!

The prospects that stayed behind are the obvious target!  With a little tenacity, they will answer your call.  And when they do, they are generally less busy, a little less stressed and have more time to receive a cold call & converse.   This is a great opportunity to have a cracking conversation, generate interest and qualify for potential interest.

Call volumes is really the key to success during the holiday season.  The Gungho team increase call rates in the run up to all significant national holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eid, New Year et al.  Our in-house stats show that by upping the call rate by 20%, our teams typically generate the same great results.

So don’t put off cold calling just because it’s the holidays…….make a plan, up your call rate and we are pretty sure you’ll produce some interesting results.

Posted on: November 22nd, 2016 by Web Admin