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How do you score your cold callers?

gungho-technologyThere are a myriad of ways in which Gungho measures the success of its cold calling activity.  Scoring callers (Discovery Agents) is critical to delivering great results.  Gungho collaborate on a range of global calling campaigns.  Targets underpin how their clients monitor & track the campaign performance. Currently, Gungho secures 70+ weekly appointments.  These appointments play an important part to grow revenues & build footprint across their multiple client campaigns.

To ensure targets & quality expectations are met, the team at Gungho uses four key mechanisms for scoring their calling programme;

Call volume
A good Gungho Discovery Agent knows that they need to make a lot of calls to underwrite each day’s success.  The most successful Agents make around 15 dials per hour.  Each campaign will have its own conversion ratio.  Over time, Gungho predicts how many dials it makes to have a ‘proper’ conversation for each campaign.  And, how many ‘proper conversations’ it takes to convert to secure a meeting.  A typical day for a Gungho caller is to make around 100+ dials, have 12 ‘proper conversations’ and secure one great meeting.  Using a platform provided by Merlin Telecom, Gungho can monitor & record every call agents make.  Publishing daily statistics help keep their Agents on track with call volumes.

Call quality
Each Discovery Agent is measured on call quality.  Gungho calculate the ability to convert a conversation into a meeting, and more importantly, how effective each conversation really is.  All calls are recorded. The recording provides an accurate measurement of quality.  This, combined with effective use of provides a reliable calculation.  Gungho regularly review recorded calls to ensure training needs are identified, and affirm callers conversation skills to maximise every prospect call.

For each client, Gungho agree to secure a certain number of meetings on a weekly basis.  These meetings are dispatched (typically via Outlook) to your nominated Sales Rep.  The meeting acceptances are managed by Gungho.  Your Sales Rep receives all the critical detail relating to the meeting booked; together with the .wav file (the call recording) of the prospect call. & Outlook are used to track the dispatch of the meeting and Gungho carefully measures the acceptance process for all invitations sent.

Feedback from Sales Reps
According to Tom White, MD at Gungho, this is the most important score of all…..‘your sales reps will be attending many meetings on the back of Gungho’s work.  We ask you for post meeting feedback.  Typically, we score the feedback against one of the following;  Exploratory Stage, Opportunity 0-3 months, Opportunity 3-6 months, Opportunity 6-12 months, Opportunity 12 months+, or…. No Opportunity.  This feedback is critical and is fundamental to the ROI of each campaign and to the engine of Gungho’.  Each Discovery Agent monitors feedback scores on a daily basis.

With accurate predictions and scoring techniques in place, it’s no surprise that 65% of Gungho’s meetings create an opportunity for their client’s pipeline.  Please visit for details on how cold calling can increase your revenue, or email

Posted on: February 21st, 2017 by Web Admin