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kount-logoWhen it comes to online fraud prevention technology, Kount are probably the world’s grand masters! Their highly accurate decision engine platform allows internet retailers to increase online sales and minimise exposure to fraudulent transactions.

In 2015, CVC Capital Partners’ saw Kount’s potential, and injected an $80 million growth equity investment. The injection created a catalyst for Kount to expand its global footprint and accelerate product innovation.

Working with Gungho
Kount wanted to adopt a cold calling campaign to leverage growth into North America & EMEA.  Being firmly on the map as the leading specialist cold calling agency in their industry, Kount chose Gungho to lead the way.

Prior to engaging with Gungho, Kount relied heavily on a small team of business development folk, who handled inbound enquiries and events for revenue growth. By partnering with Gungho, the Kount team concentrates on what they do best, whilst simultaneously testing out appetite for its technology across new global markets.

The outcome
Since March 2016, Gungho have produced a regular stream of new revenue opportunities for Kount. After just 7 months cold calling for Kount, our team secured 150+ appointments, with job titles such as Global Head of E-Commerce, Global Head of Fraud & Payments amongst some of the largest names on the British high street and most prominent online gaming operators in Europe. During this period Kount have closed deals totalling revenues of $500k attributed to Gungho.

The campaign looks set to continue into 2017 & beyond, with 68% of Gungho appointments being classified by Kount as opportunities. In addition, Kount rely on Gungho to grow their brand recognition, drive attendance to conferences & shows and optimise the sales team’s travel plans with face to face appointments.

Our achievements supporting Kount are underpinned by a regular programme of careful in-house data research. The Gungho research team produce a steady feed of accurate company & contact lists aligned to the Kount target audience. Meticulous verification of companies, contacts & job titles enable our business discovery agents to call with precision & accomplish great results.

What was said
We really love what Gungho do. You are not afraid to go after the big job titles at the massive companies and the appointments are a tremendous fit for us’ Trent Spratling –Sales Rep, Kount

“XXXXX was the best appointment I have had so far. It went really well and I have been in communication with him several times since the call yesterday morning. This is an opportunity within the next 0-3 months. Largest opportunity for me this year’ Derek Jones – Regional Sales Manager, Kount

‘The call was very successful. They are looking to start taking orders online again by the end of September and fraud prevention has been on XXXXX’s radar. Your call brought it to the forefront. He will be talking to the CEO and then keeping us posted’ Zachary Pitts – Director of Sales, Kount

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