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Love Your Employees

Have you been enjoying BBC3’s The Call Centre?  Don’t you just love Nev and his unique style of management?   Having to manage a team of 700 youngsters, whose job is to make 1000s of cold calls each week, could be a pretty hair-raising job.  Nev makes it look easy!

Finding good people to do call centre work is never easy, so keeping them has to be huge priority!  As entertaining as Nev and his team are to watch, this Swansea based call centre is a world away from how we operate here at Gungho.

We only deal with B2B for a start.  The companies we work with tend to be either compliance vendors or those in the technology space.  Across typical campaigns, we might be engaging with General  Counsels, Heads of Compliance, Heads of Cloud, Chief Architects, or Heads of Service Delivery – to be effective and credible, it’s imperative that we hire the correct skill set.

Gunghoers are highly credible, mature, articulate people who can have high level discussions with senior decision makers around very complex propositions.  We are a happy bunch, we love what we do (most days!) and fortunately our staff turnover is incredibly low compared to the industry average.

Although Gungho is a far cry from The Call Centre, we do have a common thread – we love our employees.  Making 100s of calls each day can be a fairly monotonous task, especially when you go all day without getting to speak to anyone!  Every Gunghoer is mentored and coached to optimise their cold calling, and we invest in on-going training with Franklin Covey’s methodology (7 Habits & Helping Clients Suceed) for all our staff.

Our regular team outings are also extremely effective as a way of building team spirit, and showing our appreciation for everyone’s hard work and determination.   We’ve done all sorts of wonderful things over the years, including llama trekking, bread making, power boating, electric bike riding and sailing.

Good people are hard to find, so it’s important that we do everything possible to keep our star Gunghoers!

Posted on: July 31st, 2013 by Web Admin