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Maintaining 60,000+ Global FinCrime & AML Contacts

Gungho has been cold calling and appointment setting for RegTech, FinCrime Technology and Watch List Content Vendors since 2007.  Over this time, their team have built and maintained a unique and ever-evolving data set of those involved in managing & mitigating the risk of money laundering, financial crime, fraud, sanctions, bribery, corruption and 3rd party risk.

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Gungho leverage this data set for cold calling and appointment setting. The successes of Gungho’s campaigns are based on two key ingredients which rely on their strong data set:

One: Being able to accurately identify the target audience
Two: ACAMS accredited team of English & multi-lingual Gungho callers

Maintaining a data set of 60,000+ Compliance & Risk Contacts
Today, Gungho boasts an impressive 62,406 contacts and 24,783 accounts – a number that grows daily due to a diligent team of researchers and callers.  Accessing this data set enables each of their clients campaigns to short-cut time to market and quickly ramp-up revenues.

Gungho provide reliable and expansive coverage of most Compliance & Risk job titles; Money Laundering Reporting (MLRO), CF11, CF10, Banking Secrecy Act (BSA), Risk, Compliance, AML, KYC, Due Diligence, Supply Chain Risk, 3rd Party Risk, Legal Counsel, Fraud, Financial Crime, Sanctions, OFAC, On-Boarding, Monitoring & Audit.

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Gungho profile financial and corporate organisations. Inside multi-national & corporate accounts, the Gungho data set typically covers Legal Counsel, 3rd Party Risk, Supply Chain Risk, Vendor Management, GDPR, Security, Asset Protection, Trade & Export Compliance, Audit and Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption.

In the regulated Financial Sector, the Gungho data set covers a broad range of job titles ranging from Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, Governance, Risk, Financial Crime Detection, Fraud Detection, KYC, On-Boarding, Enhanced Due Diligence, Screening, Sanctions + PEPS, OFAC to Banking Secrecy Act Officers (BSA).

Gungho’s expansive data set is at the core to their successful client campaigns; enabling their ACAMS accredited Business Discovery Agents to make over 100 calls each per day and increasing their conversion rates exponentially. An impressive 63.5% of Gungho appointments become opportunities for their clients.

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