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The Effectiveness of Cold Calling

Just how effective is cold calling?

It’s the issue sales & marketing professionals have been grappling with for years – does cold calling really work to drive new opportunities into the pipeline? The answer may surprise you.

According to data from DiscoverOrg, a whopping 60 percent of IT executives say an outbound call led to an IT vendor being evaluated. In addition, 75 percent were prompted to take it a step further, attending an event or taking an appointment as a result of a cold call.

The survey was conducted with 1,000 IT executives at a variety of IT firms, from Fortune-ranked companies to small and medium businesses. The data tells us a lot about the effectiveness of cold calling at a time when many marketers are turning to social media and blogging to spread their messages.

This is no surprise to Gungho.  We consistently see our clients building great revenue opportunities based on our Appointment Setting activity.  Our cold calling is so effective at generating new business opportunities that we quickly become an extension of our clients’ sales teams.

So what is it that makes the cold calling we do so effective, compared to other methods?

Firstly there’s directness to it that you don’t get with social media & email marketing. It’s easy for an email or tweet to get lost in amongst all the other messages cluttering up our busy lives, whereas a phone call has the power to grab your attention there and then. This immediacy is one of the biggest strengths of cold calling.

That isn’t to say we always get to speak to the exact person we want straight away when we cold call – we often have to deal with ‘gatekeepers’ as we call them, and an important part of what we do is about approaching the gatekeepers in the right way, so that they are willing to direct us to the person we need (see our previous blog post “Top Ten Tips for Cold Calling Campaigns”.

Obviously cold calling only works this way if you do your research first, identifying who you want to reach and making sure your pitch is relevant. Otherwise you are just interrupting their day with an unnecessary disturbance, and the reaction will not be positive. If done right, cold calling will blow away social media, email or any other advertising that you do.

If you really want to find out how effective cold calling can be, take a look at the case studies on our website. Sales reps love what we do for them, because they know that Gungho books great appointments with their target market, enabling them to add significant value into their pipeline on the back of this.

Posted on: June 26th, 2013 by Web Admin