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The Technology Behind Gungho

There is no doubt about it; we are good at what we do.  But we wouldn’t be anywhere near as good at what we do without Salesforce.  Our success at cold calling relies heavily on three key ingredients, great staff, great data and great technology.

What is Salesforce? It’s the CRM platform we use for managing our cold calling process, our workflow, reporting and activity management. Like all the great partnerships – Torvil and Dean, Rogers and Hammerstein, Chas and Dave – we knew right away that Salesforce was the perfect partner for us, and six years on we’d still choose it hands down over any other CRM platform.

When we start working with a new client, we typically do one of two things – 1. we build a specific Salesforce instance for that client, or 2. we utilise their Salesforce platform and customise it for our calling programme.

Either way, we are massive nerds when it comes to customising the buttons, page layouts and user interfaces across Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Activities & Campaigns.   We adapt and streamline the interface to make it simple for a telemarketer to use, and build bespoke pick lists with all sorts of new fields for cold calling.

Our Data Researchers spend lots of time profiling lists of prospects in Excel and ensuring that the data is primed for cold calling – only then do we import it into Salesforce. Once the data is in, we slice and dice using Campaigns and Contact List Views – this breaks the cold calling campaign down into bite-sized chunks, so that we can focus our calling on specific industries, territories, products interest or time zones.

The platform’s flexibility allows us to be footloose and fancy free, hopping from one campaign to the next depending on what targets need to be reached each day.

Every Gunghoer lives and breathes Salesforce.  Our entire day is spent inside the system.  Every single activity we perform gets logged inside Salesforce – that’s hundreds of calls, emails and voicemails every single day.  The dashboard facility inside Salesforce allows us to self-monitor our activity levels, with each Gunghoer aiming for a minimum of 100 activities per day.  Most of us are addicted to checking the dashboard throughout the day to monitor our own performance and compare this with colleagues!

It’s this platform and process that allows us to keep firing on all cylinders all day every day, making really good appointments, and helping our clients drive new opportunities into their sales pipeline.

Lucy Erskine

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by Web Admin