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World Check

The Client

World Check provides risk assessment services to more than 5,400 institutions, including 49 of the world’s top 50 banks and 200 enforcement and regulatory agencies.

All these organisations rely on World Check’s research department to screen customers, associates, transactions and employees for areas of potential risk (such as corruption, fraud, and money laundering) so there won’t be any nasty surprises waiting for them around the corner!

The Challenge

World Check popped their heads around our door in 2007, and asked if we could help generate leads for their UK sales team.

We spent some time getting our heads around the company and integrating ourselves with the sales team, and then we set about identifying new business opportunities across a wide range of markets.

As always, this was a step by step process for us – first we profile prospective target audiences, then we create a database, identify job titles and get hold of contact details.

The business of actually contacting prospects was made easy by all the hard work we had put into the preparation phase. We only approached the individuals we felt to be realistic prospects, and of those we would schedule appointments only when there was real interest and need for World Check and their services.

The Outcome

Gungho now work closely with the World Check sales team, and they rely on us for…

What was said?

Gungho is one of the most professional and efficient consultancies I have worked with. Great results, on time and on budget. I highly recommend them.

Patric Marshall, VP EMEA, World Check (Global Objectives Ltd)

Gungho has become an extension to our UK sales team. A deep commitment to delivering an exceptional result ensures that Gungho are always the first people we approach. Unique, they stand out in a market plagued with mediocrity.

Andrew Yuille, VP of Global Marketing – World Check (Global Objectives Ltd)